Goddess and God in the World

Conversations in Embodied Theology

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Carol P. Christ, Judith Plaskow
  • Minneapolis, MN : 
    Fortress Press
    , August
     364 pages.
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In Goddess and God in the World, leading theologians Carol P. Christ and Judith Plaskow propose a new method for thinking about theological questions: embodied theology rooted in experience and tested in dialogue. Their theological conversation begins from the premise that the transcendent, omnipotent, male God of traditional theologies must be replaced with new understandings of divinity that can provide orientation and guidance as we face the social, political, and environmental challenges of our time. Situating divinity in the world and placing responsibility for the future firmly in human hands, they argue for an inclusive monotheism that affirms the unity of being through a plurality of images celebrating diversity and difference.

Carol proposes that Goddess is the intelligent embodied love that is in all being, a personal presence that can inspire us to love the world more deeply. Judith counters that God is an impersonal power of creativity, the ground of being that includes both good and evil. Their probing of the autobiographical sources of their theologies combined with an intense questioning of each other’s views offers both a new way of speaking about Goddess and God and a fruitful model of theological conversation across difference.

About the Author(s)/Editor(s)/Translator(s): 

Carol P. Christ, a pioneer in the study of women in religion, leads the Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete through Ariadne Institute. Coeditor with Judith Plaskow of Weaving the Visions (1989) and Womanspirit Rising (1979), she is author of the path-breaking books, A Serpentine Path (2016), She Who Changes (2003), Rebirth of the Goddess (1997), Diving Deep and Surfacing (1995), and Laughter of Aphrodite (1987). She blogs at Feminismandreligion.com.

Judith Plaskow, professor emerita of religious studies at Manhattan College is cofounder of Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion. Coeditor with Carol P. Christ of Weaving the Visions (1989) and Womanspirit Rising (1979), she is author of The Coming of Lilith (2005), Standing Again at Sinai (1991), and Sex, Sin, and Grace (1979),  and coeditor of Heterosexism in Contemporary World Religion (2008).


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