Reading Religion Bi-Weekly Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 21

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The 2018 AAR Annual Meeting in Denver is here and the staff at Reading Religion has planned many fun and exciting activities for Saturday through Monday.  Come by Reading Religion's booth (#917) in the Exhibitor's Hall and take part in the fun: plot your location on our interactive maps of the US and the world, take selfies and tag us on social media (#MeetingReadingReligion), test your trivia knowledge, enter the New Book Raffles for your chance to win one of more than 20 of the latest titles, or just to say hi.  We can't wait to meet you all in person.

In the latest installment of Reading Religion's Book Review Essay Series--AAR2018 Conference Book Panels on New Books, 2015-2018--Vilmarie Vega provides a comprehensive overview of the books, authors, and panelists.  Laid out chronologically, this special edition essay will help you make the most of your time in Denver.

Click here for our newest addition to our Author Interview Series--David P. Gushee discussing Still Christian: Following Jesus Out of Amrican Evangelicalism.

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Lisa Haygood, Managing Editor                                                                            Vilmarie Vega, Assistant Editor and Social Media Coordinator


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AAR 2018 Conference Book Panels on New Books, 2015-2018



Interview with outgoing AAR President David P. Gushee, author of Still Christian: Following Jesus Out of American Evangelicalism



BOOKS REVIEWED, 11/1/2018 to 11/14/2018


Setting Out on the Great Way: Essays on Early Mahāyāna Buddhism. By Paul Harrison (Equinox, 7/1/18). Reviewed by Gerhard Stübben.

Ethics without Self, Dharma without Atman: Western and Buddhist Philosophical Traditions in Dialogue (Sophia Studies in Cross-cultural Philosophy of Traditions and Cultures). By Gordon F. Davis (Palgrave Macmillian, 7/19/18). Reviewed by Mikel Burley.

A Yogācāra Buddhist Theory of Metaphor. By Roy Tzohar (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 5/7/18). Reviewed by Jens Schlieter.


Christianity, contemporary

Voices in the Wilderness: Why Black Preaching Still Matters. By John L. Thomas Jr. (Cascade Books, 1/30/18). Reviewed by Terrance Dean.


Christianity (mostly), history of

The Motif of Hope in African American Preaching During Slavery and the Post-Civil War Era: There's a Bright Side Somewhere (Rhetoric, Race, and Religion). By Wayne E. Croft Sr. (Lexington Books, 10/16/17). Reviewed by Theon Hill.

Spiritual and Social Transformation in African American Spiritual Churches: More than Conjurers (Routledge Studies in Religion). By Margarita Simon Guillory (Routledge, 1/1/18). Reviewed by Ambre Dromgoole.

When Christians Were Jews: The First Generation. By Paula Fredriksen (Yale University Press, 10/23/18). Reviewed by Jamin A. Hübner.

Reform Catholicism and the International Suppression of the Jesuits in Enlightenment Europe. By Dale K. van Kley (Yale University Press, 6/19/18). Reviewed by Elissa Cutter.

Skepticism and American Faith: From the Revolution to the Civil War. By Christopher Grasso (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 7/2/18). Reviewed by Tisa Wenger.

Early Stuart Polemical Hermeneutics: Andrew Willet's 1611 Hexapla on Romans. By Darren M. Pollock (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht GmbH & Company KG, 12/4/17). Reviewed by Lee Gatiss.

Moral Commerce: Quakers and the Transatlantic Boycott of the Slave Labor Economy. By Julie L. Holcomb (Cornell University Press, 8/30/16). Reviewed by Sydney Harker.

The Plymouth Brethren. By Massimo Introvigne (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 4/18/18). Reviewed by Crawford Gribben.

The Many Rooms of this House: Diversity in Toronto's Places of Worship Since 1840. By Roberto Perin (University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division, 4/26/17). Reviewed by David Bains.

The Magdalene in the Reformation. By Margaret Arnold (Belknap Press, 10/8/18). Reviewed by Jim West.

Sister Saints: Mormon Women since the End of Polygamy. By Colleen McDannell (Oxford University Press, 11/1/18). Reviewed by Cristina Rosetti.

The Making of a Battle Royal: The Rise of Liberalism in Northern Baptist Life, 1870-1920 (Monographs in Baptist History). By Jeffrey Paul Straub (Pickwick Publishers, 4/17/18). Reviewed by Spencer Boersma.

Making Good the Claim: Holiness and Visible Unity in the Church of God Reformation Movement. By Rufus Burrow Jr. (Pickwick Publications, 2/16/16). Reviewed by Rufus Burrow.

The Invention of God. By Thomas Römer (Harvard University Press, 12/14/2015). Reviewed by Samuel (Yu-sum) Lee.


Christianity, ancient

The Dawn of Christianity: People and Gods in a Time of Magic and Miracles. By Robert Knapp (Harvard University Press, 8/14/17). Reviewed by Jennifer Eyl.

When Christians Were Jews: The First Generation. By Paula Fredriksen (Yale University Press, 10/23/18). Reviewed by Jamin A. Hübner.


Christianity, theology

On Love, Confession, Surrender and the Moral Self (Reading Augustine). By Ian Clausen (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 11/30/17). Reviewed by Andrew Kim.

The Mother of God in the Theology of Sergius Bulgakov: The Soul of the World. By Walter Nunzio Sisto (Routledge, 11/2/17). Reviewed by Taylor Ross.

Writing Theology Well 2nd Edition: A Rhetoric for Theological and Biblical Writers. By Lucretia B. Yaghjian (Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 9/24/2015). Reviewed by Mary O'Shan Overton.

Sulpicius Severus' Vita Martini. By Philip Burton (ed.) (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/7/17). Reviewed by Illya Bey.

Creation Ex Nihilo: Origins, Development, Contemporary Challenges. By Gary A. Anderson and Markus Bockmuehl (eds.) (University of Notre Dame Press, 11/15/17). Reviewed by Michael Allen.

In Bondage to Evil: A Psycho-Spiritual Understanding of Possession. By T. Craig Isaacs (Pickwick Publications, 1/30/18). Reviewed by Frederick M. Smith.


Christianity, ethics and social justice

City of the Good: Nature, Religion, and the Ancient Search for What is Right. By Michael Mayerfield Bell (Princeton University Press, 2/13/18). Reviewed by Susan Power Bratton.

Crippled Grace: Disability, Virtue Ethic, and the Good Life (Studies in Religion, Theology, and Disability). By Shane Clifton (Baylor University Press, 3/1/18). Reviewed by Aaron Klink.


East Asian Religions, excluding Buddhism-only books

Dream Trippers: Global Daoism and the Predicament of Modern Spirituality. By David A. Palmer and Elijah Siegler (University of Chicago Press, 11/27/17). Reviewed by Adam Yuet Chau.



The Rāmāyaṇa of Vālmīki: An Epic of Ancient India, Volume VII: Uttarakāṇḍa. By Robert P. Goldman, Sally Sutherland Goldman (Princeton University Press, 12/20/16). Reviewed by Aleksandar Uskokov.



Republic of Islamophobia: The Rise of Respectable Racism in France. By James Wolfreys (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 5/1/18). Reviewed by Ian Coller.

Sexagon: Muslims, France, and the Sexualization of National Culture. By Mehammed Amadeus Mack (Fordham University Press, 1/2/17). Reviewed by Jennifer Selby.

Paradise and Hell in Islamic Traditions (Themes in Islamic History). By Christian Lange (Cambridge University Press, 12/9/2015). Reviewed by Samantha Pellegrino.



Maimonides and the Merchants: Jewish Law and Society in the Medieval Islamic World. By Mark R. Cohen (University of Pennsylvania Press, 6/7/17). Reviewed by Sarah Davis-Secord.

The "Talmud": A Biography (Lives of Great Religious Books). By Barry Scott Wimpfheimer (Princeton University Press, 4/17/18). Reviewed by Sergey Dolgopolski.

Figures of Memory: The Rhetoric of Displacement at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. By Michael Bernard-Donals (State University of New York Press, 1/2/17). Reviewed by Alison Rose.

Luther's Jews: A Journey into Anti-Semitism. By Thomas Kaufmann (Oxford University Press, 3/12/17). Reviewed by Randall Zachman.

Cotton Capitalists: American Jewish Entrepreneurship in the Reconstruction Era (Goldstein-Goren Series in American Jewish History). By Michael R. Cohen (New York University Press, 12/26/17). Reviewed by Christopher M. Bishop.


Critical Theory, Methods/Theories in Religious Studies

Faithful Measures: New Methods in the Measurement of Religion. By Roger Finke and Christopher D. Bader (eds.) (New York University Press, 10/10/2017). Reviewed by Paul McClure.


Philosophy of Religion

Approaching Philosophy of Religion: An Introduction to Key Thinkers, Concepts, Methods & Debates. By Anthony C. Thiselton (IVP Academic, 1/16/18). Reviewed by Andre Leo Rusavuk.

Sartre on Sin: Between Being and Nothingness (Oxford Theology and Religion Monographs). By Kate Kirkpatrick (Oxford University Press, 1/2/18). Reviewed by Rachel Bath.

Religion, Language, and the Human Mind. By Paul Chilton and Monika Kopytowska (eds) (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 5/1/18). Reviewed by Jamin A. Hübner.

The Cambridge Companion to the Problem of Evil (Cambridge Companions to Religion). By Chad Meister and Paul K. Moser (eds) (Cambridge University Press, 6/9/17). Reviewed by Viktor Ilievski.

The Routledge Companion to Virtue Ethics (Routledge Philosophy Companions). By Lorraine L. Besser-Jones and Michael Slote (eds.) (Routledge, 1/12/18). Reviewed by Wesley Bergen.

God, Probability, and Life after Death: An Argument for Human Resurrection. By William Hunt (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 11/22/17). Reviewed by Taylor Kerby.


Contemporary Religions, Anthropology of Religions

The World Ayahuasca Diaspora: Reinventions and Controversies. By Beatriz Labate, Clancy Cavnar and Alex K. Gearin (eds) (Routledge, 8/17/16). Reviewed by G. William Barnard.

Patron Gods and Patron Lords: The Semiotics of Classic Maya Community Cults. By Joanne Baron (University Press of Colorado, 12/1/16). Reviewed by Catherine Nuckols-Wilde.

Religious Pluralism and the City: Inquiries into Postsecular Urbanism (Bloomsbury Studies in Religion, Space and Place). By Helmuth Berking, Silke Steets and Joschen Schwenk (eds) (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 4/5/18). Reviewed by Lee Scharnick-Udemans.


Religion, Art, & Music

The Oxford Handbook of Music and World Christianities (Oxford Handbooks). By Suzel Ana Reily and Johnathan M. Dueck (eds) (Oxford University Press, 4/13/16). Reviewed by Dirk von der Horst.

The Theater of God's Glory: Calvin, Creation, and the Liturgical Arts (Calvin Institute of Christian Workshop Liturgical Studies). By W. David O. Taylor (Eerdmans, 8/21/17). Reviewed by Darren M. Pollock.

What Did Jesus Look Like?. By Joan E. Taylor (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 2/8/18). Reviewed by Matthew C. Baldwin.

Jesuit Image Theory (Intersections). By Wietse de Boer, Karl A.E. Enenkel, and Walter S. Melion (eds.) (Brill, 6/9/2016). Reviewed by Michael J. Walsh.


Religion & Politics

Immigrants, Evangelicals, and Politics in an Era of Demographic Change. By Janelle S. Wong (Russell Sage Foundation, 6/5/18). Reviewed by JungJa Joy Yu.

The New Christian Zionism: Fresh Perspectives on Israel and the Land. By Gerald R. McDermott (ed) (IVP Academic, 8/20/16). Reviewed by Brent Sasley.

Contextualizing Africans and Globalization: Expressions in Sociopolitical and Religious Contents and Discontents. By Ibigbolade S. Aderibigbe, Rotimi Williams Omotoye, and Lydia Bosede Akande (eds.) (Rowman & Littlefield, 11/21/16). Reviewed by Asonzeh Ukah.


Religion & Science

Unsettling Science and Religion: Contributions and Questions from Queer Studies. By Lisa Stenmark (ed) (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 5/24/18). Reviewed by Jacob Boss.



BOOKS RECEIVED, 11/1/2018 to 11/14/2018

Religion in North America

Religion in the Age of Obama. By Juan M. Floyd-Thomas and Anthony B. Pinn (eds) (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 8/23/18).

Government Surveillance of Religious Expression: Mormons, Quakers, and Muslims in the United States (Routledge Studies in Religion). By Kathryn Montalbano (Routledge, 11/1/18).

Creationism and Anti-Creationism in the United States: A Sociology of Conflict. By Tom Kaden (Palgrave Macmillian, 10/21/18).

John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age (Great Lakes Books Series). By Brian C. Wilson (Wayne State University Press, 8/6/18).



Atheism: The Basics (The Basics). By Graham Oppy (Routledge, 9/19/18).


History, ancient

The History of Bronze and Iron Age Israel (Essentials of Biblical Studies). By Victor Harold Matthews (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/1/18).

Powerful Places in the Ancient Andes (Archeologies of Landscape in the Americas Series). By Justin Jennings and Edward R. Swenson (eds) (University of New Mexico Press, 11/15/18).

Soteriology and the End of Animal Sacrifice. By Giosuè Ghisalberti (Wipf & Stock Publishers, 8/24/18).



The Psychology of Emotions and Humour in Buddhism. By Padmasiri de Silva (Palgrave Macmillian, 9/1/18).

Ghostly Desires: Queer Sexuality and Vernacular Buddhism in Contemporary Thai Cinema. By Arnika Fuhrmann (Duke University Press Books, 6/13/16).


Christianity, contemporary

Traditional Churches, Born Again Christianity, and Pentecostalism: Religious Mobility and Religious Repertoires in Urban Kenya (Christianity and Renewal - Interdisciplinary Studies). By Yonatan N. Gez (Palgrave Macmillian, 9/8/18).


Christianity (mostly), history of

Swords and Plowshares: American Evangelicals on War, 1937-1973 (Studies in Historical and Systematic Theology). By Timothy D. Padgett (Lexham Press, 11/7/18).

Saints: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions). By Simon Yarrow (Oxford University Press, 12/1/18).

Luther's Wittenberg World: The Reformer's Family, Friends, Followers, and Foes. By Robert Kolb (Fortress Press, 5/1/18).

The Book of Common Prayer: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions). By Brian Cummings (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/1/18).

The Monkhood of All Believers: The Monastic Foundation of Christian Spirituality. By Greg Peters (Baker Academic, 11/6/18).


Christianity, ancient

Women in the New Testament World (Essentials of Biblical Studies Series). By Susan E. Hylen (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/1/18).

Barbarian or Greek?: The Charge of Barbarism and Early Christian Apologetics (Studies in the History of Christian Traditions). By Stamenka E. Antonova (Brill Publishers, 11/1/18


Christianity, theology

Schleiermacher and Sustainability: A Theology for Ecological Living (Columbia Series in Reformed Theology). By Shelli M. Poe (ed) (Westminster John Knox Press, 11/13/18).

The Christian Doctrine of Humanity: Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics (Proceedings of the Los Angeles Theology Conference). By Oliver D. Crisp and Fred Sanders (eds) (Zondervan, 11/6/18).

Cultural Anatomies of the Heart in Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, and Harvey. By Marjorie O'Rourke Boyle (Palgrave Macmillian, 10/22/18).

A Theology of Conversation: An Introduction to David Tracy. By Stephen Okey (Liturgical Press, 11/15/18).

Diverse Voices in Modern US Moral Theology (Moral Traditions). By Charles E. Curran (Georgetown University Press, 11/4/18).

Rhythm: A Theological Category (Oxford Theology and Religion Monographs). By Lexi Eikelboom (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/6/18).

Yearbook of Chinese Theology 2018 (Yearbook of Chinese Theology). By Paulos Z. Huang (Brill Publishers, 10/25/18).

Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody: The Making of a Black Theologian. By James H. Cone (Orbis Books, 10/18/18).

Ingenuity: Preaching as an Outsider. By Lisa L. Thompson (Abingdon Press, 11/6/18).

Loneliness: Insights for Healing in a Fragmented World. By Gerald A. Arbuckle (Orbis Books, 10/18/18).

Models of Premillennialism. By Sung Wook Chung and David L. Mathewson (Cascade Books, 8/27/18).

New Creation: A Primer on Living in the Time Between the Times. By Rodney Clapp (Cascade Books, 8/15/18).

Justification, Volume 1/2 (2-Vol Set) (New Studies in Dogmatics). By Michael Horton; Michael Allen (ed) (Zondervan, 11/27/18).


Christianity, biblical interpretation and reception

Reading Hebrew Bible Narratives (Essentials of Biblical Studies Series). By J. Andrew Dearman (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/1/18).

The Kingship of Jesus in the Gospel of John. By Sehyun Kim (PIckwick Publications, 8/21/18).

What Has Jerusalem to Do with Beijing? Biblical Interpretation from a Chinese Perspective, 2nd Ed. (Contrapuntal Readings of the Bible in World Christianity). By K. K. Yeo (Pickwick Publications, 8/24/18).

Reformation Commentary on Scripture Series: Pslams 73-150. By Herman J. Selderhuis (IVP Academic, 11/13/18).

The Dangerous Duty of Rebuke: Leviticus 19:17 in Early Jewish and Christian Interpretation (Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism). By Matthew Goldstone (Brill Publishers, 9/24/18).

Altogether Lovely: A Thematic and Intertextual Reading of the Song of Songs. By Havilah Dharamraj (Fortress Press, 6/1/18).

Gendering War and Peace in the Gospel of Luke. By Caryn Reeder (Cambridge University Press, 10/18/18).


Christianity, ethics and social justice

Riders in the Storm: Ethics in an Age of Climate Change. By Brian Henning (Anselm Academic, 1/28/15).

Virtue and Theological Ethics: Toward a Renewed Ethical Method. By Todd A. Salzman and Michael G. Lawler (Orbis Books, 10/18/18).

The Routledge Handbook of Religion and Animal Ethics (Routledge Handbooks in Religion). By Andrew Linzey and Clair Linzey (eds) (Routledge, 10/9/18).


East Asian Religions, excluding Buddhism-only books

Envisioning a Tibetan Luminary: The Life of a Modern Bönpo Saint. By William M. Gorvine (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/23/18).



An Introduction to Swaninarayan Hinduism, 3rd Ed. (Introduction to Religion). By Raymond Brady Williams (Cambridge University Press, 11/8/18).

Living Mantra: Mantra, Deity, and Visionary Experience Today (Contemporary Anthropology of Religion). By Mani Rao (Palgrave Macmillian, 10/3/18).

A Vaisnava Poet in Early Modern Bengal: Kavikarnapura's Splendour of Speech (Oxford Theology and Religion Monographs). By Rembert Lutjeharms (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/1/18).


Indigenous Religions

Rethinking Relations and Animism: Personhood and Materiality (Vitality of Indigenous Religions). By Miguel Astor-Aguilera and Graham Harvey (eds) (Routledge, 10/22/18).



Forging the Ideal Educated Girl: The Production of Desirable Subjects in Muslim South Asia (Islamic Humanities Book 1). By Shenila Khoja-Moolji (University of California Press, 6/1/18).

Islam in Central Asia and the Caucasus since the Fall of the Soviet Union (Comparative Politics and International Studies). By Bayram Balci (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/15/18).

Veils, Turbans, and Islamic Reform in Northern Nigeria (African Expressive Cultures). By Elisha P. Renne (Indiana University Press, 11/1/18).

Islam, Ethnicity, and Power Politics: Constructing Pakistan's National Identity. By Rasul Bakhsh Rais (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 6/26/18).



Jewish Population and Identity: Concept and Reality (Studies of Jews in Society). By Sergio DellaPergola and Uzi Rebhun (eds) (Palgrave Macmillian, 6/25/18).

A Rumor About the Jews: Conspiracy, Anti-Semitism, and the Protocols of Zion, 2nd Ed.. By Stephen Eric Bronner (Palgrave Macmillian, 8/31/18).

Just and Righteous Causes: Rabbi Ira Sanders and the Fight for Racial and Social Justice in Arkansas, 1926-1963. By James L. Moses (University of Arkansas Press, 12/1/18).

A Specter Haunting Europe: The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism. By Paul Hanebrink (Harvard University Press, 11/5/18).

Prince of the Press: How One Collector Built History's Most Enduring and Remarkable Jewish Library. By Joshua Teplitsky (Yale University Press, 1/22/19).

Jewish Feminism and Intersectionality (Suny Series in Feminist Criticism and Theory). By Marla Brettschneider (State University of New York Press, 5/11/16).

Arguing with Aseneth: Gentile Access to Israel's Living God in Jewish Antiquity. By Jill Hicks-Keeton (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/23/18).


South Asian religions, excluding Hinduism-only or Islam-only books

The Snake and the Mongoose: The Emergence of Identity in Early Indian Religion. By Nathan McGovern (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/21/18).

Feeding a Thousand Souls: Women, Ritual, and Ecology in India, An Exploration of the Kolam. By Vijaya Nagarajan (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/9/18).


Philosophy of Religion

A Philosophy of the Christian Religion. By Nancey Murphy (Westminster John Knox, 4/16/18).

Infinite Paths to Infinite Reality: Sri Ramakrishna and Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Religion. By Ayon Maharaj (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/8/18).

Hegel's Interpretation of the Religions of the World; The Logic of the Gods. By Jon Stewart (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/20/18).

Nietzsche's Protestant Fathers: A Study in Prodigal Christianity. By Thomas R. Nevin (Taylor & Francis Group, 10/17/18).

The Powerless Church and Other Selected Writings, 1955-1985. By Ivan Illich (Pennsylvania State University Press, 10/22/18).


Comparative Religions, Anthropology of Religions

Insights from Cultural Anthropology (Reading the Bible in the Twenty-First Century: Insights). By Karl Allen Kuhn (Fortress Press, 9/1/18).

Children in Ancient Israel: The Hebrew Bible and Mesopotamia in Comparative Perspective. By Shawn W. Flynn (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/6/18).

Theologically Engaged Anthropology. By J. Derrick Lemons (ed) (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/1/18).

Handbook of Conspiracy Theory and Contemporary Religion (Brill Handbooks on Contemporary Religion). By Asbjørn Dyrendal, David G. Robertson and Egil Asprem (eds) (Brill Publishers, 10/2/18).

Colonial and Postcolonial Change in Mesoamerica: Archaeology as Historical Anthropology. By Rani T. Alexander and Susan Kepecs (eds) (University of New Mexico Press, 11/1/18).


Interreligious Studies

Learning Interreligiously: In the Text, In the World. By Francis X. Clooney (Fortress Press, 6/1/18).

Interreligious Perspectives on Mind, Genes and the Self: Emerging Technologies and Human Identity (Routledge Science and Religion Series). By Joseph Tham, Chris Durante and Alberto García Gómez (eds) (Routledge, 10/22/18).


Religion, Art, & Music

DC Talk's Jesus Freak (33 1/3). By Will Stockton and D. Gilson (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 11/1/18).

Singing the Congregation. By Monique M. Ingalls (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 10/12/18).

The Performative Ground of Religion and Theatre. By David V. Mason (Routledge, 10/18/18).


Religion & Digital Media

Blogging My Religion: Secular, Muslim, and Catholic Media Spaces in Europe. By Giulia Evolvi (Routledge, 9/8/18).


Religion and Politics

Yemen and the World: Beyond Insecurity (Comparative Politics and International Studies). By Laurent Bonnefoy (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/15/18).

Inhabiting the Land: Thinking Theologically About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Cascade Companions). By Alain Epp Weaver (Cascade Books, 7/1/18).

Righteous Gentiles: Religion, Identity, and Myth in John Hagee's Christians United for Israel (Studies in Critical Research on Religion). By Sean Durbin (Brill Publishers, 10/2/18).

Political Orthodoxies: The Unorthodoxies of the Church Coerced. By Cyril Hovorun (Fortress Press, 10/1/18).


Religion & Science

Religion and Science: The Basics, 2nd Ed. (The Basics). By Philip Clayton (Routledge, 10/5/18).

The Science of Religion: A Defense (Supplements to Method & Theory in the Study of Religion). By Donald Wiebe; Anthony J. Palma (ed) (Brill Publishers, 10/25/18).

Science and Religion: Beyond Warfare and Toward Understanding. By Joshua M. Moritz (Anselm Academic, 1/1/16).

Scientific Models for Religious Knowledge: Are the Scientific Study of Religion and a Religious Epistemology Compatible?. By Andrew Ralls Woodward (Pickwick Publications, 8/14/18).

God and Gravity: A Philip Clayton Reader on Science and Theology. By Philip Clayton; Bradford McCall (ed) (Cascade Books, 8/23/18).