Reading Religion Bi-Weekly Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 22

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BOOKS REVIEWED, 11/15/2018 to 12/15/2018


Setting Out on the Great Way: Essays on Early Mahāyāna Buddhism. By Paul Harrison (Equinox, 7/1/18). Reviewed by Richard K. Payne.

If You Meet the Buddha on the Road: Buddhism, Politics, and Violence. By Michael Jerryson (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 5/2/18). Reviewed by Paul Hedges.


Christianity (mostly), history of

From Conflict to Communion: Including Common Prayer, 4th Ed.. By The Lutheran World Federation (Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 7/1/16). Reviewed by Gordon Jensen.

Medieval Anchorites in Their Communities (Studies in the History of Medieval Religion). By Cate Gunn and Liz Herbert McAvoy (eds.) (Boydell & Brewer, Limited, 6/16/17). Reviewed by Shelley Wolbrink.


Christianity, contemporary

She Preached the Word: Women's Ordination in Modern America. By Benjamin R. Knoll and Cammie Jo Bolin (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 7/2/18). Reviewed by Emily Zimbrick-Rogers.


Christianity, theology

Militant Grace: The Apocalyptic Turn and the Future of Christian Theology. By Philip G. Ziegler (Baker Academic, 3/20/18). Reviewed by Hank Spaulding.

John Owen: Trajectories in Reformed Orthodox Theology. By Ryan M. McGraw (Palgrave Macmillan, 9/1/17). Reviewed by Yudha Thianto.

Speaking with Aquinas: A Conversation about Grace, Virtue, and the Eucharist. By David Farina Turnbloom (Liturgical Press, 2/27/17). Reviewed by Jane Sloan Peters.

Redescribing Jesus' Divinity Through a Social Science Theory: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Forgiveness and Divine Identity in Ancient Judaism and Mark 2:1-12. By Beniamin Pascut (Mohr Siebeck GmbH & Company KG, 7/1/17). Reviewed by Donald Hartley.


Christianity, biblical interpretation and reception

Blessed Among Women? Mothers and Motherhood in the New Testament. By Alicia D. Myers (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/1/17). Reviewed by Cynthia Baker.

New Testament Christological Hymns: Exploring Texts, Contexts, and Significance. By Matthew E. Gordley (InterVarsity Press, 8/7/18). Reviewed by James Yuile.


Christianity, ethics and social justice

Faith in Black Power: Religion, Race, and Resistance in Cairo, Illinois (Civil Rights and Struggle). By Kerry Pimblott (University Press of Kentucky, 1/5/17). Reviewed by Nkosi Anderson.


Christianity, ethics and political theology

Augustine and the Problem of Power: Essays and Lectures of Charles Norris Cochrane. By Charles Norris Cochrane; David Beer (ed) (Wipf & Stock Publishers, 10/3/17). Reviewed by Marie-Pierre Bussières.


Christianity, historical/ biographical

Aelred the Peacemaker: The Public Life of a Cistercian Abbot (Cistercian Studies). By Jean Truax (Liturgical Press, 3/1/17). Reviewed by Line Cecilie Engh.

Julian of Norwich: A Very Brief History (Very Brief Histories). By Janina Ramirez (Society for Promoting Christian, 3/13/18). Reviewed by Frederick C. Bauerschmidt.


Christianity, not otherwise specified

Irenaeus, Joseph Smith, and God-Making Heresy (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press Mormon Studies Series). By Adam J. Powell (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 10/30/2015). Reviewed by Anne Kreps.

Playing for God: Evangelical Women and the Unintended Consequences of Sports Ministry (North American Religions). By Annie Blazer (NYU Press, 7/24/2015). Reviewed by Cody Musselman.


Eastern Asian Traditions, excluding Buddhism-only or Hinduism-only books

Friedrich Max Müller and the Sacred Books of the East. By Arie L. Molendijk (Oxford University Press, 10/4/16). Reviewed by Robert Campany.


Indigenous Religions

Religious Revitalization among the Kiowas: The Ghost Dance, Peyote, and Christianity. By Benjamin R. Kracht (University of Nebraska Press, 4/1/18). Reviewed by Angela Tarango.



The Polished Mirror: Storytelling and the Pursuit of Virtue in Islamic Philosophy and Sufism . By Cyrus Ali Zargar (Oneworld Publications, 1/9/18). Reviewed by Shatha Almutawa.

Models of Leadership in the Adab Narratives of Joseph, David, and Solomon: Lament for the Sacred. By Sami Helewa (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 11/1/17). Reviewed by Carlos Grenier.


Judaism/ Jewish Studies, History

Confessions of the Shtetl: Converts from Judaism in Imperial Russia, 1817-1906 (Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture). By Ellie R. Schainker (Stanford University Press, 11/16/16). Reviewed by Catriona Kelly.

Gershom Scholem: Master of the Kabbalah (Jewish Lives). By David Biale (Yale University Press, 6/19/18). Reviewed by Joshua Schwartz.


South Asian religions, excluding Hinduism-only or Islam-only books

Against Dharma: Dissent in the Ancient Indian Sciences of Sex and Politics (The Terry Lectures Series). By Wendy Doniger (Yale University Press, 3/20/18). Reviewed by Pinky Hota.


Critical Theory, Methods/Theories in Religious Studies/ Theory of Religion

Uniting History and Theology: A Theological Critique of the Historical Method. By Seth Heringer (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 6/4/18). Reviewed by Donald A. Yerxa.


Religion & Secularism

Something Old, Something New: Contemporary Entanglements of Religion and Secularity. By Wayne Glausser (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 4/2/18). Reviewed by Robert A. Yelle.


BOOKS RECEIVED, 11/15/2018 to 12/15/2018

Religion in North America

Being Viking: Heathenism in Contemporary America (Contemporary and Historical Paganism). By Jefferson F. Calico (Equinox Publishing Limited, 9/30/18).


African religions

The Fetish Revisited: Marx, Freud, and the Gods Black People Make. By J. Lorand Matory (Duke University Press, 11/23/18).



Entering the Way of the Great Vehicle: Dzogchen as the Culmination of the Mahāyanā. By Rongzom Chok Zangpo; Dominic Sur (trans) (Snow Lion, 1/17/17).

the Korean Buddhist Empire: A Transnational History, 1910-1945 (Harvard East Asian Monographs). By Hwansoo Ilmee Kim (Harvard University, Asia Center, 9/10/18).

Stars at Dawn: Forgotten Stories of Women in the Buddha's Life. By Wendy Garling (Shambhala, 8/30/16).

The Life and Times of Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö: The Great Biography by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Other Stories


Christianity (mostly), history of

Religions and Education in Antiquity: Studies in Honour of Michel Desjardins (Numen Book Series). By Alex Damm (Brill, 10/22/18).

To Cast the First Stone: The Transmission of a Gospel Story. By Jennifer W. Knust and Tommy Wasserman (Princeton University Press, 11/13/18).

The Quakers, 1656-1723: The Evolution of an Alternative Community (The New History of Quakerism). By Richard C. Allen and Rosemary Moore (Pennsylvania State University Press, 11/2/18).

Permanent Revolution: The Reformation and the Illiberal Roots of Liberalism. By James Simpson (Harvard University Press, 2/18/19).


Christianity, contemporary

The State of the Evangelical Mind: Reflections on the Past, Prospects for the Future. By Todd C. Ream, Jerry A. Pattengale and Christopher J. Devers (eds) (InterVarsity Press, 12/11/18).

The Next Mormons: How Millennials Are Changing the LDS Church. By Jana Riess (Oxford University Press, 2/1/19).


Christianity, theology

Love Beyond Belief: Finding the Access Point to Spiritual Awareness. By Thandeka (Polebridge Press, 9/4/18).

The Son Who Learned Obedience: A Theological Case Against the Eternal Submission of the Son. By D. Glenn Butner, Jr. (Pickwick Publications, 7/9/18).

The Prayer: 68 Words that Changed the World. By Christopher Levan (Cascade Books, 9/13/18).

The Guide to Gethsemane: Anxiety, Suffering, Death (Perspectives in Continental Philosophy). By Emmanuel Falque; George Hughes (trans) (Fordham University Press, 11/6/18).

Creation and Doxology: The Beginning and End of God's Good World (Center for Pastor Theologians). By Gerald L. Hiestand and Todd Wilson (eds) (IVP Academic, 10/23/18).

The Human Spirit: Beginnings from Genesis to Science. By Marjorie O'Rourke Boyle (Pennsylvania State University Press, 11/1/18).

Intersectional Theology: An Introductory Guide. By Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Susan M. Shaw (Fortress Press, 11/1/18).

Mere Discipleship: Growing in Wisdom and Hope. By Alister E. McGrath (Baylor University Press, 1/1/19).

The Naked Preacher: Action Research and a Practice of Preaching (SCM Research). By Jason C. Boyd (Westminster John Knox, 3/29/18).


Christianity, biblical interpretation and reception

Those Who Weep Shall Laugh: Reversal of Weeping in the Gospel of Luke. By Sung-Min Hong (Pickwick Publishers, 8/22/18).


Christianity, ethics and social justice

Considering Compassion: Global Ethics, Human Dignity, and the Compassionate God. By Frits de Lange and L. Juliana Claassens (eds) (Pickwick Publishers, 9/17/18).

Moral Vision: Seeing the World with Love and Justice. By David Matzko McCarthy and James M. Donohue (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 11/1/18).

Displaced Persons: Theological Reflection on Immigration, Refugees, and Marginalization. By Matthew W. Charlton and Timothy Moore (ed) (General Board of Higher Education & Ministry, 9/1/17).


Christianity, ethics and political theology

Not Peace but a Sword: The Political Theology of the English Revolution, Expanded Edition. By Stephen Baskerville (Pickwick Publications, 8/21/18).

Sovereignty and the Sacred: Secularism and the Political Economy of Religion. By Robert A. Yelle (University of Chicago Press, 11/26/18).

Aquinas and the Market: Toward a Humane Economy. By Mary L. Hirschfeld (Harvard University Press, 11/26/18).


Christianity, historical/ biographical

The Beer Option: Brewing a Catholic Culture, Yesterday & Today. By R. Jared Staudt (Angelico Press, 10/1/18).

The Cult of Thomas Becket: History and Historiography through Eight Centuries (Sanctity in Global Perspectives). By Kay Brainerd Slocum (Routledge, 11/16/18).

As a City on a Hill: The Story of America's Most Famous Lay Sermon. By Daniel T. Rodgers (Princeton University Press, 11/13/18).

Óscar Romero's Theological Vision: Liberation and the Transfiguration of the Poor. By Edgardo Colón-Emeric (University of Notre Dame Press, 10/30/18).

Enchanted Ground: The Spirit Room of Jonathan Koons. By Sharon Hatfield (Ohio University Press, 11/8/18).

Defending the Faith: John Jewel and the Elizabethan Church (Early Modern Studies). By Angela Ranson, André Gazal and Sarah Bastow (eds) (Penn State University, 11/9/18).


Christianity, not otherwise specified

The Beer Option: Brewing a Catholic Culture, Yesterday & Today. By R. Jared Staudt (Angelico Press, 10/1/18).

Christianity and Catastrophe in South Sudan: Civil War, Migration, and the Rise of Dinka Anglicanism (Studies in World Christianity). By Jesse A. Zink (Baylor University Press, 10/1/18).

Christianity in India: Conversion, Community, Development, and Religious Freedom. By Rebecca Samuel Shah and Joel Carpenter (Fortress Press, 11/8/18).

Burning Bodies: Communities, Eschatology, and the Punishment of Heresy in the Middle Ages. By Michael D. Barbezat (Cornell University Press, 12/15/18).


Ancient Near East

The Art of Divination in the Ancient Near East: Reading the Signs of Heaven and Earth. By Stefan M. Maul; Brian McNeil and Alexander Johannes Edmonds (trans) (Baylor University Press, 8/15/18).


Gender/ LGBTQ/ Sexuality Studies

The Soul of the Stranger: Reading God and Torah from a Transgender Perspective (HBI Series on Jewish Women). By Joy Ladin (Brandeis University Press, 11/1/18).



Islamic Shangri-La: Inter-Asian Relations and Lhasa's Muslim Communities, 1600 to 1960. By David G. Atwill (University of California Press, 10/9/18).


Judaism/ Jewish Studies, History

Divine and Demonic in the Poetic Mythology of the Zohar (IJS Studies in Judaica). By Nathaniel Berman (Brill, 10/11/18).

The Operation Reinhard Death Camps, Revised and Expanded Edition: Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka. By Yitzhak Arad (Indiana University Press, 7/13/18).

How Old Is the Hebrew Bible?: A Linguistic, Textual, and Historical Study (The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library). By Ronald Hendel and Jan Joosten (Yale University Press, 11/20/18).

Judaism and the Economy: A Sourcebook. By Michael L. Satlow (ed) (Taylor & Francis Group, 8/30/18).

The Routledge Companion to Jewish History and Historiography (Routledge Companions). By Dean Phillip Bell (ed) (Routledge, 9/27/18).


South Asian religions, excluding Hinduism-only or Islam-only books

Buddhist and Islamic Orders in Southern Asia: Comparative Perspectives. By R. Michael Feener and Anne M. Blackburn (eds) (University of Hawaii Press, 11/30/18).


Critical Theory, Methods/Theories in Religious Studies/ Theory of Religion

Researching Female Faith: Qualitative Research Methods (Explorations in Practical, Pastoral and Empirical Theology). By Nicola Slee, Fran Porter, and Anne Phillips (eds) (Routledge, 11/8/17).

Why Religion?: A Personal Story. By Elaine Pagels (HarperCollins, 11/6/18).

Phenomenology: The Basics. By Dan Zahavi (Routledge, 10/24/18).

Pragmatism and Naturalism: Scientific and Social Injury After Representationalism. By Matthew Bagger (ed) (Columbia University Press, 11/6/18).

Irreverence and the Sacred: Critical Studies in the History of Religions. By Hugh B. Urban and Greg Johnson (eds) (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/30/18).

Method Today: Redescribing Approaches to the Study of Religion (Naasr Working Papers). By Brad Stoddard (ed) (Equinox Publishing Limited, 10/1/18).

"Religion" in Theory and Practice: Demystifying the Field for Burgeoning Academics (NAASR Working Papers). By Russell T. McCutcheon (Equinox Publishing Limited, 10/22/18).


Philosophy of Religion

The Asymptote of Love: From Mundane to Religious to God's Love. By James Kellenberger (State University of New York Press, 11/1/18).

The Religious Metaphysics of Vladimir Solovyov. By Alexandre Kojève; Ilya Merlin and Mikhail Pozdniakov (trans) (Palgrave Macmillian, 11/30/18).

Remnants of Hegel: Remains of Ontology, Religion, and Community (SUNY series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy). By Felix Duque; Nicholas Walker (trans) (State University of New York Press, 11/1/18).

God, Existence, and Fictional Objects: The Case for Meinongian Theism. By John-Mark L. Miravalle (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 10/18/18).

The Flip: Epiphanies of Mind and the Future of Knowledge. By Jeffrey Kripal (Bellevue Literary Press, 3/12/19).

The Emergence of Modern Aesthetic Theory: Religion and Morality in Enlightenment Germany and Scotland (Ideas in Context). By Simon Grote (Cambridge University Press, 11/20/17).


Comparative Religions, Anthropology of Religions

Regimes of Comparatism: Frameworks of Comparison in History, Religion and Anthropology (Jerusalem Studies in Religion and Culture). By Renaud Gagné, Simon Goldhill, and Geoffrey Lloyd (eds) (Brill, 11/5/18).

Passages and Afterworlds: Anthropological Perspectives on Death in the Caribbean (Religious Cultures of African and African Diaspora People). By Maarit Forde and Yanique Hume (eds) (Duke University Press, 12/14/18).


Religion, Art, & Music

A History of Theory and Method in the Study of Religion and Dance (Brill Research Perspectives) . By Kimerer L. LaMothe (Brill, 10/25/18).

The Myth Awakens: Canon, Conservatism, and Fan Reception of Star Wars. By Ken Derry and John C. Lyden (eds) (Cascade Books, 9/13/18).


Religion & Ethics

Strength of Mind: Courage, Hope, Freedom, Knowledge. By Jacob L. Goodson (Cascade Books, 9/19/18).


Religion & History

The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages. By Geraldine Heng (Cambridge University Press, 3/8/18).

Doubting the Divine in Early Modern Europe: The Revival of Momus, the Agnostic God. By George McClure (Cambridge University Press, 6/21/18).


Religion & Law

Pagans and Christians in the City: Culture Wars from the Tiber to the Potomac (Emory University Studies in Law and Religion). By Steven D. Smith (Eerdmans, 11/15/18).


Religion & Literature

George MacDonald in the Age of Miracles: Incarnation, Doubt, and Reenchantment (Hansen Lectureship Series). By Timothy Larsen (InterVarsity Press, 11/20/18).

The Philosophy of Literature: Four Studies. By Donald Phillip Verene (Cascade Books, 9/12/18).

The Story of Myth. By Sarah Iles Johnston (Harvard University Press, 12/3/18).

Giulio Aleni Kouduo Richao and Christian Confucian Dialogism in Late Ming Fujian (Monumenta Serica Monograph Series). By Song Gang (Routledge, 9/4/18).

Imagining the Afterlife in the Ancient World. By Juliette Harrisson (ed) (Routledge, 8/21/18).

Beyond Orality: Biblical Poetry on its Own Terms (The Ancient World). By Jacqueline Vayntrub (Routledge, 3/1/19).


Religion & Science

The Warfare Between Science and Religion: The Idea That Wouldn't Die. By Jeff Hardin, Ronald L. Numbers and Ronald A. Binzley (eds) (Johns Hopkins University Press, 10/15/18).