Request to RR Editorial Board for Reviewer SUGGESTIONS, 2/16 - 2/28/19

Dear Reading Religion Editorial Board Members,

Wow! Its already that time again! February is such a short but still busy month. Thanks to all of you for your continued support in recommending qualified reviewers for our books available for review.  Please take a few minutes to look over the new titles received and suggest potential reviewers.


Do you know of any newly-published titles that we should have in our inventory but don't?  Please drop us an email at and let us know.

Thank you,

Lisa Haygood, Managing Editor


BOOKS RECEIVED, 2/16/2019 to 2/28/2019

Ancient Religions

Contemplative Wicca: Reflections on Contemplative Practices for Pagans. By Teresa Chupp (IPG Academic, 11/1/18).



The World Could Be Otherwise: Imagination and the Bodhisattva Path. By Norman Fischer (Shambhala Publications, 4/30/19).

Moonbeams of Mahamudra (Tsadra). By Elizabeth Callahan (trans) (Shambhala Publications, Incorporated, 3/12/19).


Christianity (mostly), history of

Rituals for the Dead: Religion and Community in the Medieval University of Paris (Conway Lectures in Medieval Studies). By William J. Courtenay (University of Notre Dame Press, 12/30/18).

Marie of France: Countess of Champagne, 1145-1198 (The Middle Ages Series). By Theodore Evergates (University of Pennsylvania Press, 12/7/18).

Hot Protestants: A History of Puritanism in England and America. By Michael P. Winship (Yale University Press, 2/26/19).

Liberty in the Things of God: The Christian Origins of Religious Freedom. By Robert Louis Wilken (Yale University Press, 4/9/19).

Medieval Irish Pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. By Bernadette Cunnningham (Four Courts Press, 10/26/18).

Puritan Piety: Writings in Honor of Joel R. Beeke. By Michael A.G. Haykin and Paul M. Smalley (eds) (Christian Focus Publications, 10/5/18).


Christianity, biblical interpretation and reception

The Art of Bible Translation. By Robert Alter (Princeton University Press, 3/19/19).


Christianity, contemporary

Millennial Missionaries: How a Group of Young Catholics is Trying to Make Catholicism Cool. By Katherine Dugan (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 1/15/19).

Neighborhood Church: Transforming Your Congregation into a Powerhouse for Mission. By Krin Van Tatenhove and Rob Mueller (Westminster John Knox Press, 2/5/19).

Superman and the Bible: How the Idea of Superheroes Affects the Reading of Scripture. By Nicholaus Pumphrey (McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers, 1/29/19).

For Love of My People I Will Not Remain Silent: On the Situation of the Church in China. By Cardinal Joseph Zen (Ignatius Press, 2/8/19).

American Priest: The Ambitious Life and Conflicted Legacy of Notre Dame's Father Ted Hesburgh. By Wilson D. Miscamble (Penguin Press, 3/12/19).


Christianity, ethics and social justice

Turning to the World: Social Justice and the Common Good since Vatican II, 3rd Ed.. By Carl N. Still and Gertrude Rompr̩é (eds) (McGillQueen's University Press, 12/30/18).

Privileged Minorities: Syrian Christianity, Gender, and Minority Rights in Postcolonial India (Global South Asia). By Sonja Thomas (University of Washington Press, 11/1/18).


Christianity, theology

On Consumer Culture, Identity, the Church and the Rhetorics of Delight (Reading Augustine). By Mark Clavier (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 11/29/18).

On God, the Soul, Evil and the Rise of Christianity (Reading Augustine). By John Peter Kenney (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 12/27/18).

Christian Flesh (Encountering Traditions). By Paul J. Griffiths (Stanford University Press, 9/25/18).

Intercultural Theology, Volume 3: A Theology of Interreligious Relations (Missiological Engagements). By Henning Wrogemann (InterVarsity Press, 2/19/19).

Love Makes No Sense: An Invitation to Christian Theology. By Jenn Strawbridge, Jarred Mercer and Peter Groves (eds) (SCM Press Imprint, 1/30/19).

Enfleshing Theology: Embodiment, Discipleship, and Politics in the Work of M. Shawn Copeland. By M. Shawn Copeland; Michele Saracino and Robert J. Rivera (eds) (Lexington Books, 10/31/18).


Comparative Religions, Anthropology of Religions

Religion and Development in the Global South. By Rumy Hasan (Palgrave Macmillan, 10/2/17).

Monotheism and Its Complexities: Christian and Muslim Perspectives. By Lucinda Mosher and David Marshall (eds) (Georgetown University Press, 7/26/18).

The Community of Believers: Christian and Muslim Perspectives. By Lucinda Mosher and David Marshall (eds) (Georgetown University Press, 3/12/15).

God's Creativity and Human Action: Christian and Muslim Perspectives. By Lucinda Mosher and David Marshall (eds) (Georgetown University Press, 9/14/17).

Experiments in Buddhist-Christian Encounter: From Buddha-Nature to the Divine Nature. By Peter Feldmeier (Orbis Books, 2/20/19).

How Violence Shapes Religion: Belief and Conflict in the Middle East and Africa. By Ziya Meral (Cambridge University Press, 8/23/18).


Critical Theory, Methods/Theories in Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Skills Book: Close Reading, Critical Thinking, and Comparison. By Eugene V. Gallagher and Joanne Maguire Robinson (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 12/13/18).



The Praiseworthy One: The Prophet Muhammad in Islamic Texts and Images. By Christiane Gruber (Indiana University Press, 1/1/19).

The Islamic State in Britain: Radicalization and Resilience in an Activist Network (Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences). By Michael Kenney (Cambridge University Press, 10/18/18).

Rulers, Religion, and Riches: Why the West Got Rich and the Middle East Did Not (Cambridge Studies in Economics, Choice, and Society). By Jared Rubin (Cambridge University Press, 3/6/17).

Politics of Desecularization: Law and the Minority Question in Pakistan (Cambridge Studies in Social Theory, Religion and Politics). By Sadia Saeed (Cambridge University Press, 11/30/18).



The Book of Shem: On Genesis before Abraham. By David Kishik (Stanford University Press, 11/13/18).

Elie Wiesel: Teacher, Mentor, and Friend. By Alan L. Berger (ed) (Cascade Books, 11/13/18).

Jewish Doctors and the Holocaust: The Anatomy of Survival in Auschwitz. By Ross W. Halpin (De Gruyter, 1/14/19).

Typically Jewish. By Nancy Kalikow Maxwell (University of Nebraska Press, 3/1/19).

Who Wants to Be A Jewish Writer?: And Other Essays. By Adam Kirsch (Yale University Press, 3/19/19).


Philosophy of Religion

The Risk of Education: Discovering Our Ultimate Destiny. By Luigi Giussani (McGillQueen's University Press, 1/15/19).

The Panentheism of Karl Christian Friedrich Krause (1781-1832): From Transcendental Philosophy to Metaphysics (Berliner Bibliothek). By Benedikt Paul Göcke (Peter Lang Publishing, Incorporated, 6/1/18).


Religion & Law

Karman: A Brief Treatise on Action, Guilt, and Gesture (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics). By Giorgio Agamben; Adam Kotsko (trans) (Stanford University Press, 4/3/18).

Religious Liberty, Volume 4: Federal Legislation after the Religious Freedom Resoration Act, with More on the Culture Wars (Emory University Studies in Law and Religion. By Douglas Laycock (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 12/30/18).

Religious Liberty, Volume 5: The Free Speech and Establishment Clauses (Emory University Studies in Law and Religion). By Douglas Laycock (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 12/30/18).


Religion & Literature

The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Religion (Cambridge Companions to Literature). By Hannibal Hamlin (Cambridge University Press, 3/28/2019).

The Bible on the Shakespearean Stage: Cultures of Interpretation in Reformation England. By Thomas Fulton and Kristen Poole (eds) (Cambridge University Press, 5/22/19).

Theology and Agency in Early Modern Literature. By Timothy Rosendale (Cambridge University Press, 6/14/18).

Prayer and Performance in Early Modern English Literature: Gesture, Word and Devotion. By Joseph Sterrett (Cambridge University Press, 12/6/18).

Religious Conversion in Early Modern English Drama. By Lieke Stelling (Cambridge University Press, 2/28/2019).

American Literature and the New Puritan Studies. By Bryce Traister (Cambridge University Press, 9/7/17).

Middle English Mouths: Late Medieval Medical, Religious and Literary Traditions (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature). By Katie L. Walter (Cambridge University Press, 8/2/18).


Religion & Politics

French Populism and Discourses on Secularism (Critiquing Religion: Discourse, Culture, Power). By Per-Erik Nilsson (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 12/27/18).

Neoliberalism's Demons: On the Political Theology of Late Capital. By Adam Kotsko (Stanford University Press, 9/4/18).

Social Democracy in the Making: Political and Religious Roots of European Socialism. By Gary Dorrien (Yale University Press, 4/23/19).


Religion & Science

The Science of Near-Death Experiences. By John C. Hagan III (University of Missouri, 1/17/17).


Religion in North America

American Buddhism after Modernity. By Ann Gleig (Yale University Press, 2/26/19).

Black Theology and Black Power: 50th Anniversary Edition. By James H. Cone (Orbis Books, 2/20/19).


Religion, Art, & Music

Magic, Monsters, and Make-Believe Heroes: How Myth and Religion Shape Fantasy Culture. By Douglas E. Cowan (University of California Press, 2/26/19).

Johann Sebastian Bach: A Very Brief History (Very Brief Histories). By Andrew Gant (InterVarsity Press, 10/18/18).


BOOKS REVIEWED, 2/16/2019 to 2/28/2019

Ancient Religions

Wisdom in Classical and Biblical Tradition. By Michael C. Legaspi (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 9/3/18). Reviewed by Elisa Uusimäki.



Buddhist Encounters and Identities Across East Asia (Dynamics in the History of Religion). By Ann Heirman, Carmen Meinert, and Christoph Aderl, eds. (Brill, 5/7/18). Reviewed by Stuart Young.

Gurdjieff Reconsidered: The Life, the Teachings, the Legacy. By Roger Lipsey (Shambhala Publications, 2/5/19). Reviewed by Christian Giudice.


Christianity (mostly), history of

The Donatist Church in an Apocalyptic Age (Oxford Early Christian Studies). By Jesse A. Hoover (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 7/31/18). Reviewed by Ronald Burris.

Christian Renewal Movements in Eastern Europe (Christianity and Renewal - Interdisciplinary Studies). By Aleksandra Djurić Milovanović and Radmila Radić (eds) (Palgrave Macmillian, 10/17/17). Reviewed by Lucian Turcescu.

Lutheran Theology and the Shaping of Society: The Danish Monarchy as Example (Re500 Academic Studies). By Bo Kristian Holm and Nina J. Koefoed (eds) (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht GmbH & Company KG, 6/11/18). Reviewed by Tine Ravnsted-Larsen Reeh.

Liturgy and Byzantinization in Jerusalem. By Daniel Galadza (Oxford University Press, 2/14/18). Reviewed by Stefanos Alexopoulos.

Lifelong Religion as Habitus: Religious Practice among Displaced Karelian Orthodox Women in Finland (Numen Book Series, Volume 153). By Helena Kupari (Brill, 8/1/16). Reviewed by Elena Kravchenko.

Reformation Commentary on Scripture Series: Pslams 73-150. By Herman J. Selderhuis (IVP Academic, 11/13/18). Reviewed by Donald K. McKim.

Vanity Fair and the Celestial City: Dissenting, Methodist, and Evangelical Literary Culture in England 1720-1800. By Isabel Rivers (Oxford University Press, 9/23/18). Reviewed by Tom Schwanda.

Antoine de Chandieu: The Silver Horn of Geneva's Reformed Triumvirate (Oxford Studies in Historical Theology). By Theodore G. Van Raalte (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 9/4/18). Reviewed by Jon Balserak.


Christianity, contemporary

Billy Graham: An Ordinary Man and His Extraordinary God. By Lon Allison (Paraclete Press, 4/4/18). Reviewed by Daniel Wells.

Baptists and Revivals: Papers from the Seventh International Conference on Baptist Studies. By William L. Pitts, Jr. (Mercer University Press, 8/15/18). Reviewed by Melody Maxwell.


Christianity, theology

Beyond the Monastery Walls: The Ascetic Revolution in Russian Orthodox Thought, 1814-1914. By Patrick Lally Michelson (University of Wisconsin Press, 7/11/17). Reviewed by J. Eugene Clay.

Aquinas and Modern Science: A New Synthesis of Faith and Reason. By Gerard M. Verschuuren (Angelico Press, 11/25/16). Reviewed by Tedmund Chan.

God Forgive Us for Being Women: Rhetoric, Theology, and the Pentecostal Tradition (Frameworks: Interdisciplinary Studies for Faith and Learning). By Joy E. A. Qualls (Pickwick Publications, 5/30/18). Reviewed by Alan J. Clark.


Comparative Religions, Anthropology of Religions

Trauma and Lived Religion: Transcending the Ordinary (Palgrave Studies in Lived Religion and Societal Challenges). By R. Raud Ganzevoort and Srdjan Sremac (eds) (Palgrave Macmillan, 8/12/18). Reviewed by Lucien van Liere.

The Physicality of the Other: Masks from the Ancient Near East adn the Eastern Mediterranean. By Angelika Berlejung and Judith E. Filitz (eds) (Mohr Siebeck GmbH & Company KG, 2/1/18). Reviewed by Christoph Uehlinger.

Religion: Material Dynamics. By David Chidester (University of California Press, 4/20/18). Reviewed by Donovan O. Schaefer.

Exchanging Words: Language, Ritual, and Relationality in Brazil's Xingu Indigenous Park (A School for Advanced Research Resident Scholar Book) . By Christopher Ball (University of New Mexico Press, 11/1/18). Reviewed by David Eller.

A Goddess in Motion: Visual Creativity in the Cult of María Lionza. By Roger Canals (Berghahn Books, Incorporated, 8/1/2017). Reviewed by David Eller.

Enjoying Religion: Pleasure and Fun in Established and New Religious Movements. By Frans Jespers, Karin van Nieuwkerk and Paul van der Velde (eds) (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 9/15/18). Reviewed by Ian Alexander Cuthbertson.


East Asian Religions, excluding Buddhism-only books

The Foresight of Dark Knowing: Chŏng Kam nok and Insurrectionary Prognostication in Pre-Modern Korea (Korean Classics Library: Philosophy and Religion). By John Jorgensen (trans) (University of Hawaii Press, 6/30/18). Reviewed by Yannick Bruneton.


Indigenous Religions

Kayanerenkó:wa The Great Law of Peace. By Kayanesenh Paul Williams (University of Manitoba Press, 10/30/18). Reviewed by Christopher Buck.



Islamophobia and Antimuslim Bias: Picturing the Enemy, 2nd Ed.. By Peter Gottschalk and Gabriel Greenberg (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Incorporated, 7/19/18). Reviewed by Yasmine Flodin-Ali.

Interpreting Islam in China: Pilgrimage, Scripture, and Language in the Han Kitab (AAR Academy Series). By Kristian Petersen (Oxford University Press, 10/3/17). Reviewed by Gang Li.

Expressions of Sufi Culture in Tajikistan (Folklore Studies in a Multicultural World). By Benjamin Gatling (University of Wisconsin Press, 8/28/18). Reviewed by Robert Ames.



The Exodus: How It Happened and Why It Matters. By Richard Elliott Friedman (HarperCollins Publishers, 9/12/17). Reviewed by Emily Filler.

Prince of the Press: How One Collector Built History's Most Enduring and Remarkable Jewish Library. By Joshua Teplitsky (Yale University Press, 1/22/19). Reviewed by Morris Faierstein.

Writing on the Wall: Graffiti and the Forgotten Jews of Antiquity. By Karen Stern (Princeton University Press, 6/19/18). Reviewed by Steven Fine.


Philosophy of Religion

The Problem of Disenchantment: Scientific Naturalism and Esoteric Discourse, 1900-1939 (SUNY Series in Western Esoteric Traditions). By Egil Asprem (State University of New York Press, 6/1/18). Reviewed by Jens Schlieter.


Religion & Literature

A Poetics of Church: Reading and Writing Sacred Spaces of Poetic Dwelling. By Jennifer Reek (Routledge, 12/7/17). Reviewed by Larry Bouchard.


Religion & Science

The Flip: Epiphanies of Mind and the Future of Knowledge. By Jeffrey Kripal (Bellevue Literary Press, 3/12/19). Reviewed by Stephen Dawson.


Religion in North America

The Oxford Handbook of Religion and American Education. By Michael D. Waggoner and Nathan C. Walker (eds) (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 8/29/18). Reviewed by Andrea Turpin.

Elizabeth Seton: American Saint. By Catherine O'Donnell (Cornell University, 9/15/18). Reviewed by Timothy Gabrielli.