Reading Religion Newsletter Vol. 9, Issue 5

Dear Reading Religion Subscribers,

Celebrate Pride Month with a curated list of reviewed and available books from Reading Religion. This month, we’re pleased to showcase works honoring LGBTQ+ communities, including some that explore queer spiritual identity, trans identity, sexual politics, and biblical commentary from LGBTQ+ perspectives. Check out the reviews of these titles and sign up to review an available book.

We’ve also recently published our latest “Four Books” essay, where Bradford A. Anderson delves into material and iconic sacred texts. He writes, “In different ways—and across different traditions—these works demonstrate how attention given to matters of materiality and iconicity can help illuminate our understanding of the way in which sacred texts are produced, used, and received in religious traditions and beyond.”

May was an eventful month. Explore our latest reviews and discover newly added books on our website. Stay updated with us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest RR news.

If you’ve come across any must-review titles published since January 1, 2021, we would love to include them on our site. Please email us the details, including the author(s) or editor(s), the full title, and the ISBN-13.

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Kimberly Davis
Senior Editor