Scientific Models for Religious Knowledge

Are the Scientific Study of Religion and a Religious Epistemology Compatible?

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Andrew Ralls Woodward
  • Eugene, OR: 
    Pickwick Publications
    , August
     240 pages.
     For other formats: Link to Publisher's Website.


Most comparisons of science and religion are really comparisons of science and Christianity, or science and Islam, and so forth. In Scientific Models for Religious Knowledge, the author aims to get outside typical polarized debates between traditional, a priori theism and radical, scientistic naturalism. Instead, a new science and religion compatibility system—between a scientific study of religion and a religious epistemology—is our new, elusive problem. Moreover, we shall look at a comparison and contrast of modern science with the simple deference of the human mind to the actions of culturally postulated superhuman agents.

This book pays critical attention to the contributions of scholars in the philosophy of religion, the philosophy of science, and the scientific study of religion. Scientific Models for Religious Knowledge is useful for readers looking to expand their learning in the philosophies of science and religion as these subjects are taught and analyzed in modern research universities.

About the Author(s)/Editor(s)/Translator(s): 

Andrew Ralls Woodward is the author of Adventure in Human Knowledges and Beliefs (2014).


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