Reading Religion newsletter, August 1-15, 2018


The Witch: A History of Fear, From Ancient Times to the Present. By Ronald Hutton (Yale University Press, 9/5/17).

Beyond Chrismukkah: The Christian-Jewish Interfaith Family in the United States. By Samira Mehta (University of North Carolina Press, 3/26/18).

BOOKS REVIEWED, 8/1/2018 to 8/15/2018

Religion in North America

Christian: The Politics of a Word in America. By Matthew Bowman (Harvard University Press, 4/2/18). Reviewed by Lincoln A. Mullen.

Temples for a Modern God: Religious Architecture in Postwar America. By Jay M. Price (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 4/1/18). Reviewed by Bärbel Beinhauer-Köhler.

Foundational Texts of Mormonism: Examining Major Early Sources. By Mark Ashurst-McGee, Robin Jensen, and Sharalyn D. Howcroft (eds) (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 3/16/18). Reviewed by Matthew Bowman.

Bonds of Union: Religion, Race, and Politics in a Civil War Borderland. By Bridget Ford (University of North Carolina Press, 3/16/16). Reviewed by Kevin Burton.

Fundamentalist U: Keeping the Faith in American Higher Education. By Adam Laats (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 3/1/18). Reviewed by Andrew Gardner.

Beyond Chrismukkah: The Christian-Jewish Interfaith Family in the United States. By Samira K. Mehta (University of North Carolina Press, 3/26/18). Reviewed by Rita George-Tvrtkovic.

Religion and Community in the New Urban America. By Paul D. Numrich and Elfriede Wedam (Oxford University Press, 4/14/2015). Reviewed by David Bains.

Parish and Place: Making Room for Diversity in the American Catholic Church. By Tricia Colleen Bruce (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 9/1/17). Reviewed by Julia Brumbaugh.

Healthy Conflict in Contemporary American Society: From Enemy to Adversary. By Jason A. Springs (Cambridge University Press, 4/12/18). Reviewed by Daniel Ott.

Filled with the Spirit: Sexuality, Gender, and Radical Inclusivity in a Black Pentecostal Church Coalition. By Ellen Lewin (University of Chicago Press, 4/24/18). Reviewed by Adriaan van Klinken.

ancient religions

Studies in Hellenistic Religions. By Luther H. Martin; Panayotis Pachis (ed) (Cascade Books, 2/26/18). Reviewed by Rebecca Denova.


Once a Peacock, Once an Actress: Twenty-Four Lives of the Bodhisattva from Haribhatta's 'Jatakamala'. By Haribhatta; Peter Khoroche (trans.) (University of Chicago Press, 8/30/17). Reviewed by Grace Ramswick.

Christianity (mostly), history of

Jesus and the Remains of His Day: Studies in Jesus and the Evidence of Material Culture. By Craig A. Evans (Hendrickson Publishers, 12/1/2015). Reviewed by Steven Shisley.

The Roman Martyrs: Introductions, Translations, and Commentary (Oxford Early Christian Studies). By Michael Lapidge (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 2/14/18). Reviewed by Candida R. Moss.

Nuns' Priests' Tales: Men and Salvation in Medieval Women's Monastic Life (The Middle Ages Series). By Fiona J. Griffiths (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2/20/18). Reviewed by Lisa Bitel.

A World Ablaze: The Rise of Martin Luther and the Birth of the Reformation. By Craig Harline (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 10/3/17). Reviewed by Taylor Kerby.

Semper Reformanda: John Calvin, Worship, and Reformed Traditions (Refo500 Academic Studies [R5AS]). By Barbara Pitkin (ed) (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht GmbH & Company KG, 2/19/18). Reviewed by Donald K. McKim.

Russian Orthodoxy and the Russo-Japanese War. By Betsy C. Perabo (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 8/10/17). Reviewed by Perry T. Hamalis.

Of Labour and Liberty: Distributism in Victoria, 1891-1966. By Race Mathews (University of Notre Dame Press, 2/28/18). Reviewed by Joshua Leach.

Christianity, contemporary

Faith in Flux: Pentecostalism in Rural Mozambique (Contemporary Ethnography). By Devaka Premawardhana (University of Pennsylvania Press, 3/23/18). Reviewed by Tucker Adkins.

Religious Humor in Evangelical Christian and Mormon Culture. By Elisha McIntyre (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 1/25/18). Reviewed by Andrew T. Coates.

Christianity, theology

Schleiermacher: The Psychology of Christian Faith and Life (Mapping the Tradition). By Terrence N. Tice (Lexington/Fortress Academic, 3/14/18). Reviewed by Daniel J. Pedersen.

Cuéntame: Narrative in the Ecclesial Present. By Natalia Imperatori-Lee (Orbis Books, 4/24/18). Reviewed by Antonio Alonso.

Saint Augustine on the Resurrection of Christ: Teaching, Rhetoric, and Reception. By Gerald O'Collins, SJ (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 6/20/17). Reviewed by Samuel A. Mullins.

Christianity, biblical interpretation and reception

The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Very Short Introduction, 2nd Ed. (Very Short Introductions). By Timothy Lim (Oxford University Press, 5/1/17). Reviewed by Kevin Scott.

Christianity, ethics and social justice

Modern Catholic Social Teaching: Commentaries and Interpretations, 2d ed.. By Kenneth R. Himes (ed.) (Georgetown University Press, 1/2/18). Reviewed by Danielle Dempsey.

East Asian Religions, excluding Buddhism-only books

Death Rituals and Politics in Northern Song China. By Mihwa Choi (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 11/2/17). Reviewed by Geoffrey Goble.

Monastery, Monument, Museum: Sites and Artifacts of Thai Cultural Memory. By Maurizio Peleggi (University of Hawaii Press, 10/31/17). Reviewed by Rebecca Hall.

The Fluid Pantheon: Gods of Medieval Japan, Volume 1. By Bernard Faure (Univ of Hawaii Pr, 10/1/15). Reviewed by Pamela D. Winfield.

Protectors and Predators: Gods of Medieval Japan, Volume 2. By Bernard Faure (Univ of Hawaii Pr, 10/1/15). Reviewed by Pamela D. Winfield.

Indigenous Religions

The Teabo Manuscript: Maya Christian Copybooks, Chilam Balams, and Native Text Production in Yucatán (The Linda Schele Series in Maya and Pre-Columbian Studies). By Mark Z. Christensen (University of Texas Press, 12/13/16). Reviewed by Catherine Nuckols-Wilde.


Before Orthodoxy: The Satanic Verses in Early Islam. By Shahab Ahmed (Harvard University Press, 4/2017). Reviewed by Bruce B. Lawrence.

Sufism, Pluralism and Democracy. By Clinton Bennett and Sarwar Alam (Equinox Publishing Limited, 8/1/17). Reviewed by Sahmeer Modongal.

Islam, Modernity and a New Millennium: Themes from a Critical Rationalist Reading of Islam. By Ali Paya (Routledge, 2/12/18). Reviewed by Gowhar Quadir Wani.


Ancient Israel: What Do We Know and How Do We Know It? : Revised Ed.. By Lester L. Grabbe (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 2/23/17). Reviewed by Brady Beard.

Maimonides' "Guide of the Perplexed": A Philosophical Guide. By Alfred L. Ivry (University Of Chicago Press, 9/27/16). Reviewed by Tom Edmondson.

Who Will Lead Us?: The Story of Five Hasidic Dynasties in America. By Samuel C. Heilman (University of California Press, 6/6/17). Reviewed by Zev Garber.

A History of Jews in Germany Since 1945: Politics, Culture, and Society. By Michael Brenner (ed); Kenneth Kronenberg (trans) (Indiana University Press, 1/25/18). Reviewed by Katja Garloff.

Jews and Jewish Identities in Latin America: Historical, Cultural, and Literary Perspectives (Jewish Latin American Studies). By Margalit Bejarano, Yaron Harel, Marta Topel, and Margarlit Yosifon (eds) (Academic Studies Press, 10/31/17). Reviewed by Laura Limonic.

In the Footsteps of King David: Revelations from an Ancient Biblical City. By Yosef Garfinkel, Saar Ganor and Michael G. Hasel (Thames & Hudson, 7/24/18). Reviewed by Jim West.

Critical Theory, Methods/Theories in Religious Studies

The Relational Dynamics of Enchantment and Sacralization: Changing the Terms of the Religion Versus Secularity Debate. By Peik Ingman, Terhi Utrianinen, Tuija Hovi, and Mans Broo (eds.) (Equinox Publishing Limited, 10/31/16). Reviewed by Charles M. Howell.

This Worldwide Struggle: Religion and the International Roots of the Civil Rights Movement. By Sarah Azaransky (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 6/16/17). Reviewed by James McCarty.

Philosophy of Religion

Knowledge, Belief, and God: New Insights in Religious Epistemology. By Matthew A. Benton, John Hawthorne and Dani Rabinowitz (eds) (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 4/22/18). Reviewed by Jerome Yehuda Gellman.

Dante's Philosophical Life: Politics and Human Wisdom in "Purgatorio". By Paul Stern (University of Pennsylvania Press, 4/4/18). Reviewed by Matthew Rothaus Moser.

God and the Self in Hegel: Beyond Subjectivism (SUNY Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy). By Paolo Diego Bubbio (State University of New York Press, 7/12/17). Reviewed by Justin Shaun Coyle.

Japanese Philosophy in the Making 1: Crossing Paths with Nishida (Studies in Japanese Philosophy Volume 13). By John C. Maraldo (Chisokudō Publications, 7/25/17). Reviewed by Tom Kasulis.

Comparative Religions, Anthropology of Religions

The Evolution of Human Wisdom. By Celia Deane-Drummond and Agustín Fuentes (Lexington Books, 10/18/17). Reviewed by Karl W. Giberson.

Sign or Symptom?: Exceptional Corporeal Phenomena in Religion and Medicine in the 19th and 20th Centuries (KADOC Studies on Religion, Culture and Society). By Tine Van Osselaer, Kaat Wils and Henk de Smaele (eds) (Leuven University Press, 11/15/17). Reviewed by Michael Grosso.

Religion on the Battlefield. By Ron E. Hassner (Cornell University Press, 6/7/16). Reviewed by Patrick Stefan.

Christians, Muslims, and Mary: A History. By Rita George-Tvrtkovic (Paulist Press, 5/1/18). Reviewed by Angus Slater.

Religion & Economics

Corporate Spirit: Religion and the Rise of the Modern Corporation. By Amanda Porterfield (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 4/2/18). Reviewed by Tim Gloege.

Religion & Politics

Ekklesia: Three Inquiries in Church and State (TRIOS). By Paul Christopher Johnson, Pamela E. Klassen, Winnifred Fallers Sullivan (University of Chicago Press, 3/13/18). Reviewed by Finbarr Curtis.

The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis. By Martha C. Nussbaum (Simon & Shuster, 7/3/18). Reviewed by L. Benji Rolsky.

Religion & Psychology

Freud: An Intellectual Biography. By Joel Whitebook (Cambridge University, 1/16/17). Reviewed by Robert A. Segal.


BOOKS RECEIVED, 8/1/2018 to 8/15/2018

Religion in North America

A Documentary History of Religion in America. By Edwin S. Gaustad, Mark A. Noll and Heath W. Carter (eds) (Eerdmans, 7/12/18).

The Oxford Handbook of Religion and American Education. By Michael D. Waggoner and Nathan C. Walker (eds) (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 8/29/18).

American Slavery and the Immediate Duty of Southern Slaveholders: A Transcription of Eli Washington Caruthers’s Unpublished Manuscript against Slavery . By Jack R. Davidson (Wipf & Stock Publishers, 7/11/18).

Anti-Shechita Prosecutions in the Anglo-American World, 1855-1913 (North American Jewish Studies) . By David Fraser (Academic Studies Press, 7/6/18).

Full Tables, Closed Doors, Open Fields: The Changing Shape of Grace as American Methodists Move from Immigrant Society to Indigenous Church. By Steven David Bruns (Pickwick Publications, 5/16/18).

Nathan Bangs and the Methodist Episcopal Church: The Spread of Scriptural Holiness in Nineteenth-Century America. By Jared Maddox (New Room Books, 7/24/18).

Holy Monsters, Sacred Grotesques: Monstrosity and Religion in Europe and the United States. By Michael E. Heyes (ed) (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 8/10/18).

African religions

Religion and Social Reconstruction in Africa. By Elias Kifon Bongmba (ed) (Routledge, 6/15/18).


An Introduction to Buddhism (Core Teachings of Dalai Lama). By The Dalai Lama, Thupten Jinpa (translator) (Shambhala, 7/17/18).

In the Cool Shade of Compassion: The Enchanted World of the Buddha in the Jungle. By Kamala Tiyavanich (Shambhala Publications, Incorporated, 9/4/18).

From Indra's Net to Internet: Communication, Technology, and the Evolution of Buddhist Ideas (Contemporary Buddhism). By Daniel Veidlinger; Mark Michael Rowe (ed) (University of Hawaii Press, 8/31/18).

From the Mountains to the Cities: A History of Buddhist Propagation in Modern Korea (Contemporary Buddhism). By Mark A. Nathan (University of Hawaii Press, 7/31/18).

Christianity (mostly), history of

St Theodore the Studite's Defence of the Icons: Theology and Philosophy in Ninth-Century Byzantium (Oxford Early Christian Studies). By Torstein Theodor Tollefsen (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 7/17/18).

The Minor Prophets As Christian Scripture in the Commentaries of Theodore of Mopsuestia and Cyril of Alexandria (Oxford Early Christian Studies). By Hauna T. Ondrey (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 8/21/18).

Teachers in Late Antique Christianity (Studies in Education and Religion in Ancient and Pre-modern History in the Mediterranean and Its Environs) . By Peter Gemeinhardt, Olga Lorgeoux and Maria Munkholt Christensen (eds) (Mohr Siebeck GmbH & Company KG, 6/1/18).

The Church and Its Mission in the New Testament and Early Christianity: Essays in Memory of Hans Kvalbein. By David E. Aune and Reidar Hvalvik (eds) (Mohr Siebeck GmbH & Company KG, 5/1/18).

When Christians Were Jews: The First Generation. By Paula Fredriksen (Yale University Press, 10/23/18).

Texts and Artefacts: Selected Essays on Textual Criticism and Early Christian Manuscripts (The Library of New Testament Studies). By Larry W. Hurtado (Bloomsbury, 11/30/17).

The Man Who Could Fly: St. Joseph of Copertino and the Mystery of Levitation. By Michael Grosso (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 12/14/15).

The Oxford History of Protestant Dissenting Traditions, Volume II: The Long Eighteenth-Century c 1689-1828 (The Oxford HIstory of Protestant Dissenting Traditions). By Andrew Thompson (ed) (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 8/21/18).

Art and Mysticism: Interfaces in the Medieval and Modern Periods (Contemporary Theological Explorations in Mysticism) . By Louise Nelstrop and Helen Appleton (eds) (Routledge, 6/7/18).

Broken Idols of the English Reformation. By Margaret Aston (Cambridge University Press, 1/19/16).

The Last Pilgrimage to Eternity: Protestant Paths to the Afterlife in Early Modern English Poetry. By Cyril L. Caspar (Transcript Verlag, 7/24/18).

Vanity Fair and the Celestial City: Dissenting, Methodist, and Evangelical Literary Culture in England 1720-1800. By Isabel Rivers (Oxford University Press, 9/23/18).

Lutheran Theology and the Shaping of Society: The Danish Monarchy as Example (Re500 Academic Studies). By Bo Kristian Holm and Nina J. Koefoed (eds) (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht GmbH & Company KG, 6/11/18).

The Routledge Research Companion to the History of Evangelicalism. By Andrew Atherstone and David Ceri Jones (eds) (Routledge, 7/17/18).

Christian Zionism and English National Identity, 1600-1850. By Andrew Crome (Palgrave Macmillan, 6/15/18).

Art and the Sacred Journey in Britain, 1790-1850 (Routledge Studies in Pilgrimage, Religious Travel and Tourism). By Kathryn Barush (Routledge, 6/23/16).

Jehovah's Witnesses and the Secular World: From the 1870s to the Present (Histories of the Sacred and Secular, 1700-2000) . By Zoe Knox (Palgrave Macmillan, 2/8/18).

Christina Rossetti: Poetry, Ecology, Faith (Spiritual Lives). By Emma Mason (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 8/21/18).

George Whitefield: Evangelist for God and Empire (Library of Religious Biography (LRB)). By Peter Y. Choi (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 8/1/18).

Church in Motion: The History of the Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Bavaria (Missional Church, Public Theology, World Christianity). By Hermann Vorlaender (Pickwick Publications, 5/17/18).

Christian Women in Chinese Society: The Anglican Story (Sheng Kung Hui, Historical Studies of Anglican Christianity in China). By Wai-Ching Angela Wong and Patricia Chiu (eds) (Hong Kong University Press, 7/1/18).

Asian Christianities: History, Theology, Practice. By Peter C. Phan (Orbis Books, 8/23/18).

Christianity, contemporary

Online Catholic Communities: Community, Authority, and Religious Individualism. By Marta Kolodziejska (Routledge, 4/18/18).

Pacifism and Pentecostals in South Africa: A New Hermeneutic for Nonviolence. By Marius Nel (Routledge, 5/2/18).

Church, Cosmovision and the Environment: Religion and Social Conflict in Contemporary Latin America. By Evan Berry and Robert Albro (eds) (Routledge, 6/27/18).

The Contested Identities of Ulster Catholics. By Thomas Paul Burgess (Editor) (Palgrave Macmillan, 7/5/18).

Faith, Power and Family: Christianity and Social Change in French Cameroon. By Charlotte Walker-Said (Boydell & Brewer, Limited, 7/20/18).

Encyclopedia of Christianity in the Global South: 2 Volumes. By Mark A. Lamport (ed) (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Incorporated, 5/31/18).

Pentecostalism: Insights from Africa and the African Diaspora. By Clifton R. Clarke (Cascade Books, 5/24/18).

The Post-Conciliar Church in Africa: No Turning Back the Clock (African Christian Studies). By Laurenti Magesa (Pickwick Publications, 6/4/18).

Desire Work: Ex-Gay and Pentecostal Masculinity in South Africa. By Melissa Hackman (Duke University Press, 8/10/18).

Christianity, theology

Invitation to Research in Practical Theology. By Zoë Bennett, Elaine Graham, Stephen Pattison and Heather Walton (Routledge, 5/30/18).

Limbo Reapplied: On Living in Perennial Crisis and the Immanent Afterlife (Radical Theologies and Philosophies) . By Kristof K. P. Vanhoutte (Palgrave Macmillan, 6/15/18).

Sex Difference in Christian Theology: Male, Female, and Intersex in the Image of God. By Megan K. DeFranza (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 5/16/15).

Seeing God: The Beatific Vision in Christian Tradition. By Hans Boersma (Eerdmans, 6/28/18).

The Christian Idea of God: A Philosophical Foundation for Faith (Cambridge Studies in Religion, Philosophy, and Society). By Keith Ward (Cambridge University Press, 9/28/17).

Turning the Tables on Apologetics: Helmut Thielicke's Reformation of Christian Conversation (Princeton Theological Monograph). By Jeffery L. Hamm (Pickwick Publications, 5/22/18).

God Forgive Us for Being Women: Rhetoric, Theology, and the Pentecostal Tradition (Frameworks: Interdisciplinary Studies for Faith and Learning). By Joy E. A. Qualls (Pickwick Publications, 5/30/18).

Understanding Pannenberg: Landmark Theologian of the Twentieth Century (Cascade Companions). By Anthony C. Thiselton (Cascade Books, 6/1/18).

Charred Root of Meaning: Continuity, Transgression, and the Other in Christian Tradition (Interventions). By Philipp W. Rosemann (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 7/1/18).

Christianity, biblical interpretation and reception

The Reception of Paul the Apostle in the Works of Slavoj Žižek. By Ole Jakob Løland (Palgrave Macmillan, 7/6/18).

The Nations in the Divine Economy: Paul's Covenantal Hermeneutics and Participation in Christ. By William S. Campbell (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 6/22/18).

Environmental Humanities and Theologies: Ecoculture, Literature and the Bible. By Rod Giblett (Routledge, 6/12/18).

Apocalypse as Holy War: Divine Politics and Polemics in the Letters of Paul (The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library). By Emma Wasserman (Yale University Press, 8/14/18).

Cast Out of the Covenant: Jews and Anti-Judaism in the Gospel of John. By Adele Reinhartz (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 7/15/18).

The Book of Revelation: A Biography (Lives of Great Religious Books) . By Timothy Beal (Princeton University Press, 10/16/18).

Early Christian Readings of Genesis One: Patristic Exegesis and Literal Interpretation. By Craig D. Allert (IVP Academic, 1/1/18).

A Temple Not Made with Hands: Essays in Honor of Naymond H. Keathley. By Mikeal C. Parsons and Richard Walsh (eds) (Pickwick Publications, 5/11/18).

Christianity, ethics and social justice

Scripture and Social Justice: Catholic and Ecumenical Essays. By Anathea E. Portier-Young and Gregory E. Sterling (eds) (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 8/10/18).

Preaching Truth in the Age of Alternative Facts. By William F. Brosend (Abingdon Press, 8/21/18).

Healing Our Broken Humanity: Practices for Revitalizing the Church and Renewing the World. By Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Graham Hill (InterVarsity Press, 8/28/18).

Building Bridges: Letha Dawson Scanzoni and Friends. By Kendra Weddle and Jann Aldredge-Clanton (Cascade Books, 5/3/18).

Encountering Earth: Thinking Theologically With a More-Than-Human World. By Trevor Bechtel (Editor), Matt Eaton (Editor), Tim Harvie (Editor) (Cascade Books, 5/16/18).

Augustinian and Ecclesial Christian Ethics. By D. Stephen Long (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 8/15/18).

The Dangers of Christian Practice: On Wayward Gifts, Characteristic Damage, and Sin. By Lauren F. Winner (Yale University Press, 10/23/18).

Christianity, not otherwise specified

Methodist Worship: Mediating the Wesleyan Liturgical Heritage (Routledge Methodist Studies Series). By R. Matthew Sigler (Routledge, 6/27/18).


The Oxford History of Hinduism: The Goddess. By Mandakranta Bose (ed) (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 8/21/18).

Tukaram and his Translators. By John Noyce (, 4/22/17).


Piety and Patienthood in the Medieval Islamic World. By Ahmed Ragab (Routledge, 5/4/18).

The Hijaz: The First Islamic State. By Malik Dahlan (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 8/1/18).

Hallaj: Poems of a Sufi Martyr. By Husayn ibn Mansur Hallaj; Carl W. Ernst (trans) (Northwestern University Press, 7/15/18).

The Qur'an and Modern Arabic Literary Criticism: From Taha to Nasr . By Mohammad Salama (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 5/17/18).

Expressions of Sufi Culture in Tajikistan (Folklore Studies in a Multicultural World). By Benjamin Gatling (University of Wisconsin Press, 8/28/18).

Al Rashid Mosque: Building Canadian Muslim Communities. By Earle H. Waugh (University of Alberta Press, 6/18/18).

Routledge Handbook of Islam in the West. By Roberto Tottoli (Editor) (Routledge, 6/8/18).


The Many Faces of Maimonides. By Dov Schwartz; Batya Stein (trans) (Academic Studies Press, 5/25/18).

The Soul of Judaism: Jews of African Descent in America. By Bruce D. Haynes (New York University Press, 8/14/18).

Place in Modern Jewish Culture and Society (Studies in Contemporary Jewry). By Richard I. Cohen (ed) (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 8/7/18).

Menasseh Ben Israel: Rabbi of Amsterdam (Jewish Lives). By Steven Nadler (Yale University Press, 8/21/18).

The Construction of Exodus Identity in Ancient Israel: A Social Identity Approach. By Linda M. Stargel (Pickwick Publications, 5/22/18).

Critical Theory, Methods/Theories in Religious Studies

Religious Studies Scholars As Public Intellectuals. By Sabrina MisirHiralall, Christopher Fici and Gerald Vigna (eds) (Routledge, 6/19/18).

Freud in Cambridge. By John Forrester and Laura Cameron (Cambridge University Press, 4/17/17).

Philosophy of Religion

Ethics and Philosophical Critique in William James. By Sarin Marchetti (Palgrave Macmillan, 8/19/15).

Digital Existence: Ontology, Ethics and Transcendence in Digital Culture (Routledge Studies in Religion and Digital Culture). By Amanda Lagerkvist (ed) (Routledge, 7/30/18).

Slavoj Zizek and Christianity (Transcending Boundaries in Philosophy and Theology). By Sotiris Mitralexis and Dionysios Skliris (eds) (Tellectual Press, 8/2/18).

The Expansion of Metaphysics. By Miklos Veto; Chris Hackett (trans) (Cascade Books, 6/1/18).

The Idea of Monotheism: The Evolution of a Foundational Concept . By Jack Shechter (Hamilton Books, 7/18/18).

Religion and Atheism: Beyond the Divide. By Anthony Carroll and Richard Norman (eds) (Routledge, 9/30/16).

Comparative Religions, Anthropology of Religions

Being Spiritual but Not Religious: Past, Present, Future(s). By William B. Parsons (ed) (Routledge, 6/4/18).

The Spirituality of Anorexia: A Goddess Feminist Theology. By Emma White (Routledge, 6/27/18).

David Martin and the Sociology of Religion. By Hans Joas (ed) (Routledge, 6/25/18).

The New Atheism, Myth, and History: The Black Legends of Contemporary Anti-Religion . By Nathan Johnstone (Palgrave Macmillan, 6/21/18).

Religion: Secret Religion. By April DeConick (ed) (Cengage Gale, 8/19/16).

Lost Ecstasy: Its Decline and Transformation in Religion (Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Mysticism). By June McDaniel (Palgrave Macmillan, 6/26/18).

Dharma and Halacha: Comparative Studies in Hindu-Jewish Philosophy and Religion (Studies in Comparative Philosophy and Religion) . By Ithamor Theodore and Yudit Kornberg Greenberg (eds) (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 8/15/18).

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Religion and Nature: The Elements (Bloomsbury Handbooks in Religion). By Laura Hobgood and Whitney Bauman (eds) (Bloomsbury Academic, 5/17/18).

Food, Farming and Religion: Emerging Ethical Perspectives (Routledge Environmental Humanities). By Gretel Van Wieren (Routledge, 4/18/18).

Pilgrimage and Political Economy: Translating the Sacred. By Simon Coleman and John Eade (eds) (Berghahn Books, Incorporated, 7/1/18).

Mirrors of Passing: Unlocking the Mysteries of Death, Materiality, and Time. By Sophie Seebach and Rane Willerslev (eds) (Berghahn Books, Incorporated, 7/1/18).

Inventing Afterlives: The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Life After Death. By Regina M. Janes (Columbia University Press, 7/31/18).

The World Ayahuasca Diaspora: Reinventions and Controversies. By Beatriz Labate (Editor),Clancy Cavnar (Editor), Alex K. Gearin (Editor) (Routledge, 8/17/16).

Mourning Rituals in Archaic & Classical Greece and Pre-Qin China. By Xiaoqun Wu (Palgrave Macmillan Limited, 7/12/18).

Religion, Art, & Music

Music and the Generosity of God (Radical Theologies and Philosophies). By Gerald C. Liu (Palgrave, 11/16/17).

Religion & Literature

Science Fiction and the Imitation of the Sacred. By Richard Grigg (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 6/14/18).

The Translatability of the Religious Dimension in Shakespeare from Page to Stage, from West to East: With Reference to The Merchant of Venice in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. By Jenny Wong (Pickwick Publications, 5/29/18).

Religion & Politics

Soviet Religious Policy in Estonia and Latvia: Playing Harmony in the Singing Revolution . By Robert F. Goeckel (Indiana University Press, 9/1/18).

Religion & Science

The Study of Science and Religion: Sociological, Theological, and Philosophical Perspectives (Church of Sweden Research Series). By Carl Reinhold Bråkenhielm (Pickwick Publications, 6/6/18).

Astrotheology: Science and Theology Meet Extraterrestrial Life . By Ted Peters, Martinez Hewlett, Joshua M. Moritz and Robert John Russell (eds) (Cascade Books, 7/12/18).