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New Books in Religion and Literature, 2015-2019

Research in religion and literature has become increasingly diverse in recent years, with specializations extending well beyond classical fields such as Christian metaphysical and Islamic Sufi poetry

New Books in South Asian Religions, 2015-2018

Recent work on religions from South Asia draws on textual studies and critiques of Orientalism and colonial attitudes lingering in the field, to recent ethnographies in modern cities and online.

New Books about Sufism, 2015-2018

In the years after September 11, 2001, it has become practically impossible to talk about Islam—whether in the classroom, courtroom, or newsroom—without addressing stereotypical narratives of violent terrorism that permeate political and media discourse.

New Books in Religion and Art, 2015-2018

Here at Reading Religion, we have reviews coming in from scholars, theologians, and oftentimes from artists, all discussing the importance of art in the study of religion.

Reading Religion Newsletter Vol. 8, Issue 3

Dear Reading Religion Subscribers,  Reading Religion is currently seeking applications for our  editorial board. We are specifically looking for expertise in the areas of American religious history, the Black Church,… READ MORE

Information for Authors

Book reviewers, authors, and editorial correspondence are subject to the American Academy of Religion’s Professional Conduct Policy and the Professional Conduct Procedures. Authors may request that Reading Religion add a book (author/title/isbn) to our website… READ MORE