Intersex in Christ

Ambiguous Biology and the Gospel

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Jennifer Anne Cox
  • Eugene, OR: 
    Cascade Books
    , July
     188 pages.
     For other formats: Link to Publisher's Website.


Intersex is an umbrella term for many different conditions that cause ambiguous sexual biology. Intersex people are “in between,” neither clearly male nor clearly female. Intersex has been largely hidden through surgery and secrecy, but is now coming out into the open. Many intersex people have experienced physical, psychological, and relational pain because of the shame attached to their bodily difference. The existence of people with unusual sexual biology presents a challenge to the Christian ideal of humanity as male and female. How can evangelical Christians rightly respond to this phenomenon? Intersex in Christ provides a balance of grace and truth, upholding male and female as God’s created intent, while insisting that there is a positive place in the kingdom of God and the world for people with unusual sexual biology. Intersex people are created in the image of God, because of the love of God. Jesus accepts, loves, and dignifies intersex people. The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news for all people, however sexed. An evangelical response to intersex will therefore be one of acceptance, love, justice, and inclusion. Intersex in Christ will help both intersex Christians and the church to understand intersex through the lens of Christ.

About the Author(s)/Editor(s)/Translator(s): 

Jennifer Anne Cox is Adjunct Faculty Member at Tabor College of Higher Education in Perth, Western Australia, where she teaches systematic theology.



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