Understanding Scientific Theories of Origins

Cosmology, Geology, and Biology in Christian Perspective

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Robert C. Bishop, Larry L. Funck, Raymond L. Lewis, Stephen O. Moshier, John H. Walton
  • Downers Grove, IL: 
    IVP Academic Press
    , December
     650 pages.
     For other formats: Link to Publisher's Website.
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Review by James C. Ungureanu forthcoming.


The question of origins remains a stumbling block for many. But just as the Psalmist gained insight into God's character through the observation of nature, modern scientific study can deepen and enrich our vision of the Creator and our place in his creation. In this often contentious field Bishop, Funck, Lewis, Moshier, and Walton serve as our able guides. 

Based on over two decades of teaching origins together in the classroom, the authors present a textbook exploring mainstream scientific theories of origins in astronomy, cosmology, chemistry, geology, biology, physical anthropology, and genetics. While many authors engage origins from a Christian perspective, this is the first work offering a full-fledged discussion of the scientific narrative of origins from the Big Bang through humankind, from biblical and theological perspectives accessible to a lay audience. 

Topics include

  • Principles of biblical interpretation
  • Close readings of relevant Genesis texts
  • A comprehensive Trinitarian doctrine of creation
  • Cosmic origins
  • The geologic history of Earth
  • The origin of life on Earth
  • The origin of species and diversity of life
  • Human origins
  • New creation and creation care
  • Science education

Rather than the familiar scenario where science and faith compete, this book seeks to diffuse tensions by taking the inspiration and authority of the Bible seriously while respecting and honoring God's revelation through creation. Understanding Scientific Theories of Origins gives the reader a detailed picture of the sciences of origins along with how they fit into the story of God's creative and redemptive action.

About the Author(s)/Editor(s)/Translator(s): 

Robert C. Bishop is Associate Professor of Physics and Philosophy and the John and Madeleine McIntyre Endowed Professor of Philosophy and History of Science at Wheaton College.

Larry L. Funck is Emeritus Professor at Wheaton College where he taught Inorganic Chemistry for over forty years.

Raymond J. Lewis is Associate Professor of Biology at Wheaton College.

Stephen O. Moshier is Professor of Geology and Chair of the Geology and Environmental Science Department at Wheaton College, where he also serves as the Director of the Black Hills Science Station.

John H. Walton is Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School.


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