Reading Religion Newsletter Vol. 8, Issue 9

Dear Reading Religion Subscribers,

Join the team at Reading Religion for our special session at the 2023 Annual Meetings in San Antonio, Texas. RR Associate Editor Kevin Schilbrack, Senior Editor Kimberly Davis, and Publications Coordinator Evan Sandsmark will present “How to Write a Compelling Book Review.” This session is slated for Saturday, Nov. 18, from 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM at the Grand Hyatt-Bowie C, second floor. Specifically designed for scholars of religion and theology, especially novice reviewers, join us as we dive deep into the nuances of creating impactful book reviews. Uncover valuable tips and methodologies to produce balanced, comprehensive, and sharp reviews that add substance to both academic and broader conversations.

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Thank you,  
Kimberly Davis 
Senior Editor

Editor’s Note: Last month’s newsletter was mislabeled. It should have been Vol. 8, Issue 8. We apologize for the error.